Choose a suitable doctor for an Accidental case..!

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An accident is never in anyone’s plans, yet they happen and changes the life of an individual. When an accident occurs, it gets difficult to recognise to what extent the person is injured and what kind of treatment he/she requires. Even a slow speed accident can have potentially serious injuries. Also, the symptoms may not be visible immediately.

So in such cases, the very first step is to make the patient reach to the nearby hospital for the First Aid and where primary check up of the patient can be done. Once check up is done and family members get mobilised for the support of the patient, then a discussion can be made with primary doctor about the details of the injuries and treatment options. The primary doctor will likely refer the patient to a specialist for an expert opinion or treatment of the patient.

If the patient is grievously hurt, requires surgical intervention and a long stay in the hospital or an intensive care. Then, we usually face the biggest dilemma of choosing the right hospital and a doctor for best treatment of the patient.

So here are some of the things you should always keep in mind while shifting a patient to a hospital:

  • The patient should be stable enough to shift to a new place.
  • Shift the patient where all the required resources are available.
  • The patient may require repeat tests for the diagnosis purpose. So select the hospital where all the tests can be done at one place.
  • If one or more specialist is required then he/she should be called at the same place.
  • Delay in the treatment can cause the worse outcome for the patient. It gets important to make a right decision in a short period of time.

So, in accidental cases be wise and chose right..!

Dr. Yogesh Jindal

Dr. Yogesh Jindal started Jindal Hospital in 2002. At that time it was a unique experiment to bring super speciality services to doorstep of the patients. Having done his M.Ch. from SGPGI, Lucknow and trauma training in NIMHANS Bangalore, Dr. Jindal started his hospital with a view to serve peopl ...

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