Eat right. Drink Plenty. Stay Fit.

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In the present modern lifestyle, people are unaware of the consequences of their eating habits and other styles of life. Nowadays people are more focusing on junk foods rather than home made meals. Girls are usually found fasting to manage weight and the youth are not knowing the benefits of homemade meals. All these changes in lifestyle are leading to obesity, anaemia, diabetes, hypertension, etc.

When the world is full with pastas, pizzas, cakes, burgers, etc, why would anyone prefer to eat the salad. We land into the trouble when we realize the bad state of our health and begin to feel it only above the age of 40. Even at the age of 30, people are facing the symptoms of bad state of health.

So, we should focus on our eating habits such as eating a variety of nutrient rich foods like whole grains and vegetables, maintaining healthy weight, eating regular meals at regular hours, drinking plenty of water and making balanced food choices. All these things are needed in a healthy diet.

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